Constitution of the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment

Consultation on the UK Quality Code for Higher Education 

Baseline Regulatory Requirements

Terms of Reference

UKSCQA November 2016 Meeting

UKSCQA January 2017 Meeting

UKSCQA June 2017 workshop on the future of the Quality Code

UKSCQA September 2017 meeting

UKSCQA November 2017 Meeting – to discuss UKSCQA’s response to the OfS Regulatory Framework consultation

UKSCQA January 2018 Meeting – to discuss next steps in the Quality Code review

UKSCQA February 2018 Meeting

UKSCQA June 2018 meeting

UKSCQA September 2018 meetings

UKSCQA October 2018 meeting

UKSCQA February 2019 meeting

UKSCQA March 2019 meeting

UKSCQA June 2019 meeting

UKSCQA September 2019 meeting

UKSCQA February 2020 meeting

UKSCQA June 2020 meeting

UKSCQA October 2020 meeting

UKSCQA December 2020 meeting

UKSCQA February 2021 meeting