The UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment provides sector-led oversight of higher education quality assessment arrangements that continue to be shared across the UK.

Its aim is to ensure the provision of high quality education across the UK, including higher education qualifications that are available overseas.

The committee oversees numerous programmes of work that maintain standards and a high quality student academic experience across the UK. Currently the committee has responsibility for:

  • strategic oversight of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education
  • the baseline regulatory requirements, a set of UK-wide requirements drawn from across the sector, to assess a new provider’s readiness to enter the funded sector
  • ensuring the reliability of degree standards, which includes developing training for external examiners, understanding new approaches to the calibration of standards, and reviewing degree classification algorithms
  • advising on the support required by governing bodies as they exercise effective oversight of academic governance
  • developing and providing a strategic understanding of transnational education (TNE) to the sector, which includes reviewing TNE activities and maintaining the reputation of the UK higher education overseas system as whole.

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